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Récital Expérimentation de MadPiano @ Galeria IX

Récital Expérimentation Audio-Visuel

With a new concept of events, we are starting a series of shows, supporting a higher level of understanding music and visual arts, introducing movie like storyline experiments, theatrical, dynamic, dark and atmospheric with no bound in a genre of music. The shows will be a integrated part of the exibitions held here, offering an immediate audio visual support.

Our opening act will feature a half of a project started by a local artist and his dutch friend, a project more focused on a sideway approach, different from their solo acts, exploring and experimenting with any type of music and a vinyl only session, bringing the experimental, abstract, old and new..pieces from the Mad Piano Collections.

Entrance on the terrace is free, we are inviting you to visit the exibition on the 1st floor as well for a first, overall experience...

Be part of a new experience.

Commencé ..20.00..........Fermer ..00:00

Visuels: vloop

Art & Music by MadPiano


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